Entebbe Sailing Club

Membership fees Uganda shillings

New members will be welcome and must be introduced by a Proposer and Seconder both of whom shall be fully paid up Members of the Club with at least 2 years tenure. An application form may be collected and filled in from the club house. The applicant will also be required to pay up-front the full joining fee and the appropriate part of the annual subscription and boat mooring fees (if applicable) on a pro rata basis per quarter of the calendar year. The application will then be considered by the committee at their next monthly meeting.

If the application if approved, the Membership Secretary will notify the applicant and issue a membership card and a copy of the Club Bylaws.

If the application fails to get the endorsement of the Committee, the applicant will be notified by the Membership Secretary and reimbursed in full.

ESC Membership (Uganfdan Shillings) 2024



Per month (max, 3 month)







young adult

Joining fee

100,000 (Single)

2000,000 (Family)

Annual subscription 650,0001,300,000320,000650,000216,000

For family membership only one named spouse will be approved by the committee.

Boat Storage Fees

Boat shed rental (per annum)650,000 /-
Power boats, Ssese canoe - moored or stored in the open42,000 /- per foot length
Sailing dinghies and Lasers380,000 /-
Paddle canoes, Kayaks & Dinghies182,000 /-
Windsurfer184,000 /-
Catamaran680,000 /-
Jet ski on trailer550,000 /-
Wind surfer162,000 /-
Mooring fees for member's boats42,000 /- per foot length and 300,000 per year
Overnight mooring for non-memberslength up to 30':  166,000/- length over 30': 250,000 /-
Launch fees for non members250,000 /-

Entebbe Sailing Club cannot take responsibility for lost or stolen boats or engines or related items.
Members are advised to take out their own insurance.

Membership Application Form 2024

Membership forms may be collected from the clubhouse.